Warranty Terms & Conditions

For Hitachi Power Tools and Outdoor Power Equipment purchased after 1st April 2013.

Hitachi Power Tools and Hitachi Outdoor Power Equipment are warranted against defective workmanship and faulty materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase*.
Warranty Registration must be made by the purchaser at www.hitachipowertools.co.nz within 30 days of purchase. (Products that are not eligible for the three year warranty (Benchtop Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment used commercially etc.) are NOT required to be registered online.)

*some exclusions apply, see below for details.

In the event of a repair being required within the warranty period, the tool will be repaired without charge on the condition that:

The purchaser produces the original invoice or other purchase document as proof of date of purchase from an Authorised New Zealand Hitachi Distributor, along with a valid online Warranty Registration Certificate confirming the products serial number.

And that
  • The complete tool is delivered to an Authorised Hitachi Service Agent, freight prepaid, and if found, on examination, to be suffering from a material or assembly defect.
  • The tool has been used in strict accordance with the Operating Instructions supplied with the tool, and has been operated under normal conditions. For Electric Tools this includes operating the tool with the correct 230/240 Volt power supply at all times.
  • The repairs are not required as a result of normal wear and tear, or as a result of accident, misuse, neglect, or abuse of the tool. Overloading of the tool beyond its capacity, causing burnout of the motor, armature and/or field coil is not covered by warranty.
In the instance of Outdoor Power Equipment, misuse includes:
  • Operation of product with incorrect fuel to oil ratio
  • Accident or physical damage, or damage caused by moisture, dirt, or corrosion
  • Repairs by unauthorised parties and/or with unauthorised parts
  • Improper set up or alterations
  • Improper adjustments i.e. carburettor, etc.
  • Operation of engine at speeds above Hitachi recommendations
  • Failures due to contaminated and/or old fuel
Products & applications excluded from the three year warranty period (online registration not required):
  • Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Chargers - 2 Year Warranty
  • NiCd Batteries - 1 Year Warranty
  • Benchtop Tools - Mitre Saws, Table Saws, thicknessers etc. - 1 Year Warranty
  • Outdoor Power Equipment used in commercial applications - 1 Year Warranty
  • Accessories - Radios, Lights, Bit Sets etc.- 1 Year Warranty
Hitachi Power Tools and Hitachi Outdoor Power Equipment not registered online, or purchased prior to 1st April 2013 are covered by a 1 Year Warranty.

This warranty is offered to the original purchaser of the tool only. Tools operated in a Hire environment are not covered by this warranty.

Normal wearing parts requiring replacement or adjustment are not covered by this warranty.

These parts include but are not limited to: o-rings, seals, bearings, carbon brushes, power leads, fuses, drive belts, hoses, spark plugs, starter cord, air and fuel filters, clutch shoes, vibration isolators, throttle cables, cutting chains, blades, driver bits, sockets, chucks, sanding pads and all cutting accessories. Normal wear and tear includes cordless tool batteries that have come to the end of their useful life.

Normal adjustments to the blades, laser markers, guards, chain, points, magneto, carburettor and spark plugs are the responsibility of the owner and are not considered part of this warranty.

Replacement spare parts that are fitted by an authorised Hitachi Service Agent are covered by a 90 day warranty.

This warranty is offered in addition to rights provided to the purchaser by national Statutes and Legislation. The liability of Hitachi and its National Distributor, Accent Tools Ltd, is limited to the repair of the tool and in no event will any liability be accepted for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses or damages whatsoever.

Tools that have been Parallel Imported are not covered by this warranty and will not be supported by Hitachi Service Agents.

This warranty is void if repairs are undertaken by someone other than an Authorised Hitachi Service Agent. Authorised Service Agents are located nationwide and can be located on the Hitachi website.
 April 2016