UVP - User Vibration Protection

Hitachi's Technology for User Vibration Protection UVP-71

UVP demonstrates Hitachi Power Tool's commitment to innovation and technology for user comfort and protection combined with maximum performance.
UVPThe European Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC aims to protect workers from the harmful effects of vibration by placing a duty of care on employers to minimize any risk. With operator's safety it's top priority, Hitachi is addressing the problem of HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) through constant innovation in the design and manufacture of power tools.

Hitachi has developed the UVP ( User Vibration Protection) range of low vibration power tools to ensure that power tool users around the world have access to the safest tools available. These types of tools have traditionally developed high levels of vibration in course of what they do - providing a risk of excessive exposure to users who operate these tools for extended periods.

The UVP range consists of the Rotary Hammer Drills, Sabre Saws, and Heavy Duty Angle Grinders - all significantly redesigned to reduce the level of vibration feedback to the operator.
UVP Rotary Hammer Drills
Counter Balance Technology
Operating vibration in the UVP Rotary Hammer range is significantly reduced thanks to the resonance absorption by moving a built in counter weight and leaf spring in the opposite direction to the movement of the hammer. 
Vibration Absorbing Handles
Shock absorbing handle rubbers are placed to reduce vibration transferring from the main body to handle so that users suffer less vibration on the grips.

DH28PCY - 28mm SDS+ UVP Rotary Hammer Drill
DH40MRY - 40mm SDS MAX UVP Rotary Hammer Drill
DH50MRY - 50mm SDS MAX UVP Rotary Hammer Drill
UVP Sabre SawUVP2
Model CR13VBY features a low vibration counterweight mechanism in its gearbox. Vibration is suppressed by reciprocating the counter weight in the opposite direction to the main reciprocating plunger shaft. Thus the CR13VBY greatly reduces the vibration experienced by the user during cutting operations. Vibration levels of the CR13VBY are about one third those of the previous model CR13VA.

CR13VBY - Godzilla UVP Sabre Saw
UVP Heavy Duty Angle Grinders
UVP3Specially designed coupling dampers absorb the impact sound generated by the meshing of gear and pinion. Consequently impact sound is around 60% lower than previous models – reducing operator strain during extended work periodsUVP4

The housing is coupled to the main handle through a moving joint mechanism, and a handle damper sits between them. As a result of this design, vibration level of the switch handle is 30% lower than previous model grinders.

G18SEY - 180mm UVP Heavy Duty Angle Grinder
G23SEY - 230mm UVP Heavy Duty Angle Grinder