Lithium Ion

Hitachi's range of High Performance Lithium-ion Cordless Power Tools offers users a unique level of performance and safety. A wide range of tools has been developed around this technology to provide unprecedented options for the tradesperson on the move.

If you want the SAFEST Lithium-ion tools available, you must view these features:

Battery CircuitryElectronically Monitored
Every 10.8, 18 and 36 Volt Lithium-ion battery pack has a built in Electronic Control Circuit. This unique design provides the safest system available to protect and enhance the performance of these batteries. by always keeping the batteries within safe operating conditions this electronic control ensures batteries will accept around twice as many charges as conventional batteries.
343537Overcharge Protection
Automatically switches the charging process off as soon as the battery pack is fully charged. Individual cell pairs are monitored to control any 'rouge' cells.
343538Over-discharge Protection
Continuing to run the batteries past the point where they are no longer producing useful power will affect the overall life of the battery. Hitachi's Lithium-ion batteries automatically alert the operator by stopping the tool 'dead' when they are exhausted, preventing dangerous over-discharge.
343539Overload Protection
Excess current can damage Lithium-ion batteries, shortening their overall life. Hitachi's Electronic Control Circuit Senses any overload situation and automatically switches the tool off. Simply releasing the trigger switch and depressing the trigger again instantly resets this protection circuit. Lithium-ion Cordless tools that do not have this features risk permanent damage to the tool's motor,switch, and/or battery should they ever be severely overloaded.
343540Over-heating Protection
Built in temperature sensors ensure that the Hitachi Lithium-ion battery switches itself off if it gets too hot - again protecting the cells from permanent damage.
343541Super Lightweight
10.8, 18 and 36 Volt Lithium-ion battery packs weigh 40% less than conventional NiCD or NiMH batteries - reducing strain on operators who spend a large part of their days using these high powered tools. Despite their light weight, the batteries hold 1.5Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah or a massive 5.0 Ah capacity and unlike older battery technologies, maintain full power right until flattened.
Hitachi Fan-cooled Smart Chargers
Charger FlyApart(SML)-216
Hitachi's Fan-cooled Smart battery chargers feature a built in fan-cooling system. When a Lithium-ion battery is being charged, cool air is forced up into the battery pack and circulates around the cells. Ensuring that the cells stay cool allows the charger to replenish the battery to a high capacity without causing damage.

The Chargers communicates with each battery - the battery identifies itself and its current condition so that the charger can recharge the battery correctly. In the event of a fault developing in the battery, or if the battery is too hot to be charged safely, the charger will stop and indicate the fault on the display panel.

The 'slide' type battery chargers will recharge ALL slide style Hitachi batteries from 1.5Ah to 5.0Ah.