Brushless Motor Technology

Hitachi's 'next generation' Brushless Motor Technology makes the most efficient use of available battery energy.  Hitachi Brushless tools work up to 55% longer per charge than conventional cordless tools by running brushless motors - motors that don't waste energy through friction, heat and sparking.

Brushless technology means:
  • No friction and minimal heat generated when supplying power to the motor - results in virtually no wasted energy
  • An increase in run-time between charges of up to 55%, meaning 55% more work can be achieved between charges
  • Reduced weight and size of the motor, making the tools more manageable and easier to use for prolonged periods
  • An increase in power, giving a greater capacity for workloads
  • An increase in top-end operating speed, allowing more efficient drilling of small holes

Hitachi's unique Electronic Drive Technology puts complete control of the tool in the operator's hands.

The new motor technology is controlled precisely and accurately via a circuit board (beneath the grip).

To the operator this means: linear 'step-less' acceleration and, for the Driver Drill, 8 preset speeds (via 4-stage electronic switching and 2-speed gearbox).

A high-tech electronic trigger alters speeds smoothly via the electronic processor, rather than simply choking the motor of valuable energy like conventional cordless tools.

The eight pre-set speeds (Driver Drill) means the correct speed for each job can be selected every time, before the trigger is pressed.

Control Buttons

From left to right:
Light button - activates an ultra-bright LED light for work illumination
Battery Level Indicator - battery life is made up of a finite number of charges.  As these EDT tools use power so much more efficiently, the batteries may not need charging every day. The operator can check the state of the battery by pressing this button and checking the battery level indicator.  Less battery charges = longer battery life and less down-time.
Driver and Impact Drill - Indicator shows which of the four electronic motor speed stages is selected.
Impact Driver and Wrench - Indicates setting of the 4-stage electronic clutch.



Hitachi's Lithium Ion batteries have all the safety features and in-built technology you've come to expect from Hitachi.

Electronic controls on-board every battery provide:
  • Overcharge Protection and Over-discharge Protection - prevents the operator from damaging the battery through misuse
  • Overload Protection - in the event of a jam or overload the tool stops INSTANTLY - preventing damage to tool or battery
  • Overheating Protection and Fan-cooled Charging - heat is the biggest killer of batteries.  On-board electronics protect each cell in the event of an overheat situation
  • Individual Cell Monitoring - Hitachi's technology monitors each and every cell to ensure no individual unit is put under undue stress, both during operation and charging

No other brand offers better performance, protection & safety.