ACS - Active Control System

acsHitachi’s leading edge development in the field of brushless motors has led to new electronic control systems being built into Hitachi models – systems that provide more control for the operator and automate some of the operation of the tool.
Hitachi ACS (Active Control System) essentially means that when activated, the ACS system will make automatic adjustments to the RPM, power output, impact rate, or other factors so that the tool operates in the most suitable way for that particular task.

In Circular Saws fitted with ACS, more power and higher blade speed is applied automatically if the saw experiences higher load during a cut, while with an Impact Driver, ACS adjusts the torque output to minimise the chances of a driver bit slipping or rounding out the head of a screw.

ACS will continue to expand across Hitachi’s range along with Brushless motor development.

Look for the ACS logo on the body of tools fitted with this ultra-modern feature.